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Voice of America partially removes misleading language about domestic use of its programs

From BBG Watch Commentary In a victory by critics against government officials trying to claim new powers which they can’t legally claim, the Voice of America (VOA) removed from one of its website pages misleading language suggesting that Americans had to seek “authorization” from the federal government to use VOA programs in the United States. […]
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Much of Voice of America content is third-party copyright-protected and cannot be easily re-used commercially in the U.S.

BBG Watch Commentary Voice of America (VOA) TERMS OF USE/PRIVACY NOTICE shows much of its content is third-party copyright-protected material and cannot be commercially re-used by others in the United States without violating copyright or securing additional copyrights from others. In the past, most of VOA content, other  than music, consisted of original reporting, writing […]
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How a story of Somali Americans in Minnesota gave U.S. government new domestic media powers

As Reported by BBG Watch. BBG Watch Commentary We have all heard this story told countless times by International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) and Voice of America (VOA) officials and repeated continuously in media reports. The story may or may not be partially true. But the way it was told, it was highly misleading. Some call […]
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