Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1972 Amendment to the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948

Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1972


SEC. 204. The second sentence of section 501 of the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 (22 U.S.C. 1461) is amended to read as follows: “Any such information (other than “Problems of Communism” which may continue to be sold by the Government Printing Office) shall not be disseminated within the United States, its territories, or possessions, but, on request, shall be available in the English language at the Department of State, at all reasonable times following its release as information abroad, for examination only by representatives of United States press associa- tions, newspapers, magazines, radio systems, and stations, and by
research students and scholars, and, on request, shall be made avail- able for examination only to Members of Congress.”

Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1972, PDF copy.

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